Introductory Post


I have a tumblr blog also, but I am deeply unsatisfied with the Tumblr pagan/hellenismos community and thus am attempting to forge my own space.

For one, hellenic polytheists seem to be overwhelmingly white. As a person of color this is very uncomfortable, especially when sugary, empty posts about “you’re still a witch if ___” which do nothing but give attention to the original poster and make everyone reblogging feel as though they are contributing to something or participating in any real change.

For another, the vast amount of popular/outspoken hellenists make it a hostile place, it seems, for lesbians. As someone who identifies as a part of the lesbian class this is very unwelcoming. Artemis, who I regard as a Lesbian Guardian, is too often co-opted into being asexual.

And this brings me to another point, which is again propounding on the amateurish liberalism of the pagan communities: they lack any nuance or depth of understanding whatsoever on identity, and generally tend to think that asexuality/aromanticness inherently makes one q*eer (for lack of a better word). I won’t get too deep into this, but as someone who has seen the negative effects of letting the privileged into LGBTQ spaces, this alone is enough to make me want to leave.