Theoi and “Democracy”

Rather than posting my feelings which I doubt that many people are interested in, I’m thinking I’ll post more theory-ish stuff, UPG stuff; my own theology.

So as Athena is my guardian Goddess, I used to struggle with the question, How can She be my guardian if I am so against the system of governance which Her city, Her society has come to symbolize? A rather simple answer hit me; naturally, being the Goddess of justice and, may I even say, relying on offerings, She would want the best for the people.

Furthermore, electoral democracy back then was fairly revolutionary, despite its many shortcomings (exclusion of women, selectivity etc. – funny how so many liberals like to forget how exclusionary the “original” democracy was, but I digress). It’s not as though She could have suddenly changed with this invention. As a Goddess of wisdom as well, it must, then, surely be inherently a part of Her roles that She is basically supportive of any method of governance so long as it benefits the people.

I realize this is a broad response that might seem like it could easily be abused by fascists, but here’s the thing: it doesn’t work for them, actually, because Athena oversees innovation and wisdom, thereby also change, not regression; She started off with the people, the common man, and so with the common man She remains. For is it not the rich who go against the Gods’ dictates, exploiting the poor and creating injust systems? Is it not the fascists who lack wisdom and empathy?

In sum – the Gods are willing to support left ideologies. Perhaps not all of Them and not all at the same time, but just as They championed democracy before, so They shall stand before us now, leading us.