Shub-Niggurath; Racist? Lovecraft, Racism and the Etymology of the”black cloud”



Shub-Niggurath seems to be the source of a lot of debate regarding H.P. Lovecraft’s racist views and whether they had any influence on this deity’s naming. However, this debate seems to be missing the point. They are focusing purely on the name without considering what it actually is as an entity: “the black goat in the woods with a thousand young”. Each part of that name gives us some idea of HPL’s intentions and the influence of his widely-acknowledged racist/xenophobic views.

DISCLAIMER: I must admit, I haven’t actually read much Lovecraft. But I saw debate over Lovecraft’s racism and the name of the god ‘Shub-Niggurath’ and looked to explore the etymology of the name and whether – based on my very limited knowledge of H. P. Lovecraft – it had any connection to those racist tendencies. Don’t take this as definitive, this is just me throwing some ideas around.


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