Personalizing a Group Religion

I often see ancient Greek religion referred to as a group or community religion. The question I find myself asking often is, how does one go about adopting that to modern, solitary worship?

The practical solutions depend on your living setup, of course. Hestia’s flame may be a candle instead of a fireplace for the whole oikos. Any processions may be yourself and perhaps a friend walking outside to pour out some libations.

But is it better to go solitary? Obviously, there is no simple answer to this question. That said, I share in the distrust held by many of organizational religions. This stands true for whatever religion it may be; Hellenismos included. I recently found out that YSEE, one of the bigger Hellenic Polytheist groups, is homophobic as shown by one of its apologists, Timothy Jay Alexander. Yes, he’s the guy who wrote the made-up Pillars of Hellenismos. And yes, he is a homophobe. Side note – this guy’s LJ is a laugh, but he also gives off major predatory vibes.

Back to YSEE: they let out a fash-y smell before, with their “please be sorry for us we are always the victim” narrative repetitively glued all over their YouTube and homepage sites.

I don’t like to spend money on membership fees. That’s a big barrier to me joining basically any Hellenic Polytheist group. I know people out there who probably want to who can’t afford it. There’s also the question of where these funds go as well.


So why bother paying for a group that might end up being shitty and instead do solitary worship, discussing and hanging out with people outside your faith instead of confining yourself to your small circle? That is the solution that I have arrived at, at any rate, and it has been working well so far.




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