Temperance, Wisdom

Cytherean Devotee

When Plato compared temperance with wisdom, it caught me off guard. In America, Temperance brings about names of pilgrims and Calvinists, and alcohol down the drains. Its a virtue, I could tell you as much, but I could not sings its praises if you asked. It seemed antiquated, like log cabins and women named Patience.

However in Charmides, Plato speaks of temperance and wisdom as if they are the same. While modern hellenic polytheists might translate this to a greek name of a pillar, i prefer to think of it as it remains in english. Temperance, moderation and restraint, unilaterally recieved praise by Socrates, Charmides, and Critias. The act of balance in hellenismos does not get tossed aside like in western culture. Today we often forsake health, both mental and physical, for more. More money, more joy, more more. This is not always by our design, those for whom the…

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