Pagan Pilgrimmage

Last year, I went to Greece. It was awesome. It was beautiful, from the trans symbol painted onto cement pillars in Athens to the cats strolling in ancient ruins. I felt power and time. I felt Kronos’ power, perhaps. I definitely felt Apollo and perhaps Persephone, when I visited some of Their respective sites. Oddly enough, I don’t think I felt much of Athena, but perhaps I was ‘numbed’ to Her presence by mainly staying in Athens, Her city even now. Even though I may not have felt Her explicitly, seeing the Parthenon tower over the buildings is still breathtaking! Was it something about those stones? Or was it the sheer energy of Delos, and the stranger clad in red who seemed to teleport back with us? Or perhaps was it the sheer joy I felt on the boat rides there and back? I don’t think it was any singular one of those things that told me Apollo was there. I don’t know if the stranger just walked very fast. But the holiness was strong, and I found myself trying to cover the whole island in a few hours. Even though I was with people who didn’t know about my faith, a family member remarked that the island had a feeling to it, that someone was there. It was an oddly pagan remark for someone avowedly atheist (spiritual, however).The grandeur of the temple to Zeus Olympios at Athens, or rather what remains of it, impressed upon me an awe that seems to serve as a larger metaphor for what I feel for the Theoi: respect, love and appreciation. I think it’s not necessary for everyone to visit ancient sites, but if you have the chance, it’s great. For me, being at the actual places where ancients worshipped felt like a magnification of my usual interactions with the Theoi, and the sort of feeling I get when one of Them is present could be stronger.If you can’t, hopefully there is a museum near you with archaeological artifacts, for the simple reason that museums are cool and seeing old things up close is a unique privilege.



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