Animism from a Hellenismos Perspective

I have been thinking a lot about animism recently as I engage in ancestor reverence and think more about the state of our ecosystem.


While Hellenismos is not an ‘earth-based-religion’ per se, it is arguable that Hellenic Polytheism originated from some form of prehistoric animism which left its traces in nymph and naiad worship, along with the anthropomorphization of rivers in myth. Nymphai are the nature; by honoring Them you honor the earth. Some of the more ‘major’ Theoi such as Poseidon or Hestia are often represented or felt in the sea or the hearth fire. Ge, in a non-Wiccan context, was in ancient times depicted coming out of the earth. She is the earth in the same way Selene is the moon and Helios the sun.

I feel as though the Theoi are the energy behind natural workings, but even this angle does not change the fact that by honoring Their manifestations as flowers, dirt et cetera, you honor the Theoi Themselves.




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