Distances and a nostos

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit inactive (moreso than usual, at least) on this blog. That’s due in part to schoolwork, but also because I felt a bit far from Hellenismos, to be honest. I became more drawn to Shinto and syncretic Japanese faith for a good while. I still have quite a bit of my heart in that area. I wonder if I should post about Shinto as well? I’d love to hear any opinions on that.

While I felt a sort of vague, overwhelming anxiety that I might not be meant for Hellenismos, or that my faith was veering in another direction than I had planned, I confided in my fellow neo-Pagan roommate. He reminded me that Ancient Greeks would practice even if they didn’t believe strongly, so I should probably do festivals and stuff even if I felt iffy about my overall practice. I have to say it really did help.

I’m still in a spiritual limbo, but I feel more of a connection back to the Theoi again. I feel as though my ability to feel them and percieve their signs was dulled while I was at my lowest point.

All this to say: I’m still here, and hope to write more articles.