Wheel of the Year

Oh my gods if someone asked me something like that about Saraswati I think I’d delete my blog


I want to talk about the wheel of the year. The short version is: I have mixed feelings. I don’t outright hate it, but I definitely don’t love it. Though, if I had to pick a side, I am definitely more on the “this is absolute horseshit” end of it.

The wheel of the year, as many know, is essentially the neopagan/Wiccan holiday calendar. The four “major” holidays at the solstices are referred to as “sabbats” and the four that occur between the solstice celebrations are sometimes referred to as “esbats”. At least, that’s my understanding of the terminology. I could be wrong.

To start, I don’t like them being called “sabbats”. Partially because Gerald Gardner decided that sabbat was the proper term and has always been the term because, in the middle ages “Shabbat” was also used to refer to “other heretical celebrations”, as well as the Jewish day…

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