Dogwhistles: How the Fuck do I Tell if a Pagan I Follow is a Fascist/Racist etc.?

Note: This page is intended as reference and I by no means endorse this content whatsoever. I avoid writing out slurs, but be warned of Nazism and references to violence.This list is by no means exhaustive.


  • Tree emojis and mountain emojis signal ecofascists (more on that here)
  • Runes in general need discernment, especially when in tattoos.
Thor’s hammer, from Wikimedia Commons.
Valknut/valknot, from Wikimedia Commons.
A reproduction Roman standard featuring SPQR, from Wikimedia Commons.
  • SPQR
  • Roman salute” (Nazi salute)
  • Swastikas (technically, the Kolovrat is a kind of swastika, but sometimes that is hidden by Slavic nationalists when they use it)

Words to look for in bios and posts

  • The suffix “-bol”, ie. nazbol, olbol
  • “Trad”/”tradition”/”traditionalist” ie. tradcaths (fascist pagans also use this prefix)
  • “Based”
  • Folkish
  • Odinists
  • Obsessions with Valhalla, fighting war for ___ religion/against ____ religion, etc. Usually these types have names like “Warrior of Odin” or something, and post macho Viking posts (this fixation contradicting historical evidence that most ancient Norse people were farmers, among other inaccuracies).
  • “Ethnic”, i.e. ethnic religion, ethnic Hellene, etc.
  • Echoes: ((( ))) usually used around names or antisemitic stereotypes
  • Slurs (reclaimed slurs will usually be pretty obvious in contrast to ones used against others), includes censored variants such as replacing Gs with 6s or censoring with asterisks (i.e. f*g), using gay as an insult, etc.
  • Monarchists, nationalists (usually self-identifying in their bios)
  • “Aryan”,“Germanic”, “Nordic”, calling a European group a “race” etc.
  • “Cuck”, as the kink has strong racist tones itself
  • “Pagang”, Yang gang“: I’m guessing white nationalists like to adopt the word gang as an ironic parody of what they think is Black culture. Yang refers to Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang.
  • Wignat: identifying with them
  • Idolization of Ted Kaczynski

Rhetoric is more nuanced with some other terms which I won’t get into here. However, who somebody is friends with or regularly replies to is very informative. Scroll through a bit of their following if you can to see if anyone with these indicators is on there. Keep an eye out for these symbols/images/words.

I found this thread and this followup thread to be very true of what I’ve seen online, and also enlightening about the meaning/context of some of these hate symbols.

Here’s the ADL’s database of hate symbols, which covers stuff not as common in online pagan spaces.




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